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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Boost your digital transformation with our expertise in custom software development.


At Ambar, we work with potential businesses in developing custom enterprise products, applications, and mobile platforms that can ensure growth in the ever-changing tech landscape. we leverage our in-depth knowledge of the industry and technical capabilities to help businesses make the best out of emerging technologies.

Understanding Business Needs

As a custom software development company, our team spends an adequate amount of time with you to understand your business operations, goals, and preferences, so we can work in the right direction.

Managing Risks

We identify and measure all risks and their impacts through meticulous risk management and mitigation strategies. In this way, we can prevent them from arising.

Scheduling Tasks

Our team collaborates with stakeholders to develop achievable deliverables while employing Earned Value Management (EVM) in the project timeline. In this way, we ensure completion of your project on-time.

Cost-effective Budget Management

We discuss all your budget needs beforehand to deliver effective software development services in a cost-effective way. Cost reports are regularly monitored, and corrective measures are taken as needed to keep the project on budget.

Communication & Collaboration

Keeping you onboard throughout the project is one of our key priorities. From reporting on project status to taking your approvals, our service comes with a promise of transparency and collaboration.